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Re-enactor Attendee Information 

  1. Arrival address is: Fort Sewall, Fort Beach Lane, Marblehead. You may check-in at anytime after noon on Friday July 12th.

  2. Parking in boatyard off Doaks’ lane. Attached parking pass has the directions. At check in we will also provide you with a parking pass, so no need to print it. It’s a five minute walk from the parking lot back to the Fort. 

  3. We provide the following meals (gratis) to all those in kit:

    1. Sat breakfast

    2. Sat lunch

    3. Sat dinner

    4. Sun breakfast.

You are on your own for Friday dinner but there are plenty local dining options, including the Barnacle (short walk). 

  1. Our camp layout lead ie Kathy Pasko has asked that all large tents e.g. wall or fly be pitched at the top of the Fort in order to maximize space in the bowl of the Fort. Do note that Glover’s will have 2 dining flys in the dining area so we’ll have plenty shelter for everyone. 

  2. We have a sunset salute (the local yacht clubs fire their cannons) at 8:19 pm on Friday. All attendees are welcome, we’ll fire three volleys. Please note that participants must not have consumed alcohol prior. We’ll assemble approx 10 mins prior but be ready, sunset won’t wait. 

  3. Units are free to conduct their own drills or join Glover’s at 9:00 am Saturday. Drills could focus on street firing, firing and advancing and on firing and retiring (since we’ll be on narrow trails for our afternoon scenario).

  4. There will be an officers’ briefing at 10:00 am to go over the details of the morning scenario. NOTE: Our timing here is tide bound so our public scenario is in the late morning and the afternoon scenario is a private tactical in the woods. For those day tripping, please turn up on time for this as our timing is a little tight. Left hand room in the Fort is the location. 

  5. All 21st century items need to be out of sight by 10:00 am Saturday thru’ 5:00 pm. This means vehicles need to be out of the Fort. 

  6. Due to the timing of the morning scenario, nooning will be from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. 

  7. We need to post a guard on the gates. Hence we’re asking for help on a guard roster from the Colonial units.  Rosters will be on 30 minute shifts with 2 men-at-arms. Glover’s will provide one man for each 30 minute segment. Men must report to sergeant-at-arms Kathy Pasko, 5 minutes prior to their segment. There will be a sheet at check-in for your men to sign up. 

  8. As always, our commissary crew can use help, leads are

    1. Sat Breakfast: Erin Pararas

    2. Sat lunch: Meaghan Flaherty

    3. Sat dinner: Melissa Vickers

    4. Sun breakfast: Kathy Pasko

If your members are volunteering, please report accordingly. 

  1. Bottle of liquor for winner of Last Man Standing Contest. 

  2. The officers’ briefing for the afternoon scenario is at 1:30 pm (so please don’t drift off after lunch). Left hand room in the Fort is the location. 

  3. The afternoon scenario will require an amount of marching through the streets and the woods. Bring bug spray. 

  4. We have a doctor as part of our membership so if anyone suffers from non-emergency room requiring injuries, please come to the lower Fort. 

  5. Your members are more than welcome to join us in singing chanties upon camp closing at 5pm. Singing leads are most welcome. Also, we’ll crack open the beer kegs at this point but please be discreet if you’re in public (esp if you’re joining the chanties). 

Glover's Regiment Annual Summer Encampment

 Program of Events 

Friday July 12th:


10:00 am: Camp Setup crew meets at Gun House

12:00 pm: Fort Sewall, Registration table opens

08:10 pm: Muster for sunset salute

08:19 pm: Sunset salute


Saturday July 13th:

07:00 am: Reveille

07:30 am: Breakfast

09:00 am: Assembly and drill (Colonial forces)

10:00 am: Cannon salute.  Camp opens to public with tours and  craft stands.

10:00 am to 11:30 am: Camp tours and craft stands open. 

10:00 am: Officers’ briefing (left hand room in Fort)

10:30 am: Fife/drum concert

10:45 am: Children’s Drill

11:00 am:  Cannon salute

11:15 am: Alarm indicating landing of Crown Forces at Gas House Beach

11:30 am: Camp closes, Continental units march off to Gas House Beach

11:45 am to 12:30 pm: Tactical at Gas House Beach

12:00 pm: Cannon salute

12:30 pm: Nooning (lunch)

1:30 pm: Cannon salute, camp re-opens to the public.

1:30  pm to 5:00 pm: Camp tours and craft stands open. 

1:30 pm: Officers’ briefing (left hand room in Fort)

1:45 pm: Fife/drum concert

2:00 pm: Cannon salute, Children’s drill 

2:30 pm: Last Man Standing Contest

3:00 pm: Cannon Salute, Crown Forces leave for afternoon scenario. 

3:15 pm: Call to assembly (Continental forces)

4:00pm: Cannon salute

4:30pm: Fife/drum concert

5:00 pm: Cannon salute to close camp followed by sea chanties. 

5:05 pm: Beer o’ clock, crack the kegs ie Ipswich, Nottingham

06:30 pm: Dinner with musical accompaniment

08:00 pm-late: Jollification


Sunday July 14th:

08:30 am: Breakfast, followed by breaking camp. 

10:00 am: Church service for those interested.

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