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1. From Mass Pike East to 128 North, get on Rt. 114 East and follow it through Salem and into Marblehead (you¹ll pass over a small bridge, and are then in Marblehead). At the first traffic light in Marblehead, take a right onto MAPLE STREET. Pass the Glover School on your left.

2. At the light, take a LEFT onto HUMPHREY STREET and proceed through a residential area, passing the Community Center on your right and Marblehead Savings Bank on the left across the street, where there is a light. Pass through that light and the next two. The street will become PLEASANT STREET (you¹ll pass by a YMCA on the right and a Starbucks on the left). Follow it all the way through town until it ends at WASHINGTON STREET (you¹ll be facing Haley¹s Liquors and Foodies.) Turn LEFT onto WASHINGTON STREET.

3. Follow WASHINGTON STREET through a residential area to FRANKLIN STREET. Turn RIGHT and follow it until it ends at FRONT STREET.

4. Turn left on FRONT STREET and proceed along the water up towards the Fort. Park along the street or in the tiny lot on the left, just before the road curves right and up. (You cannot take you car up to the Fort itself, so park where you can.)

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