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Welcome to the web site of Glover's Marblehead Regiment,
the celebrated 14th Continental.

Glover's Regiment Annual Summer Encampment

 Program of Events

Saturday July 8th:

10:00 am: Cannon salute.  Camp opens to public with tours and  craft stands.

10:30 am: March through town with music & rendering honors  at General Glover's Home.

11:00 am: Cannon salute followed by children's drill

11:30 am: Arms demonstration

12:00 pm: Cannon salute. Camp and craft stands close to public

1:00 pm:  Cannon Salute. Camp re-opens to public with tours and  craft stands.

1:45 pm: Camp and craft stands close to the public for skirmish.

2:00 pm: Cannon Salute, HM revenue cutter lands at Fort Beach.  

3:00 PM: Cannon Salute. Camp re-opens to public for tours,  craft stands open.

3:00 PM: Reading of Freedom Resolution.

4:00pm: Cannon salute followed by  children's drill.

5:00 pm: Cannon salute to close camp followed by sea chanties.

 Craft Stands: Marlinspike work, 18th century medicine, carpentry, navigation, and candle making, musket maintenance, repair, and cleaning, musket ball making.


Upcoming Events
For a complete calendar, please visit our Events page

July 4th 10am-4pm Celebrate the 4th  Washington Crossing Historic Park 
July 4th @ Noon Cannon Salute 
For the thirteen colonies 
Fort Sewall 
Marblehead, MA  
Sat July 8th, 2017, 10 am-5 pm Summer Encampment 
Skirmishes, sutlers, music, crafts 
Fort Sewall 
Marblehead, MA  
Sat Nov 4th Battle of Red Horse Tavern  Wayside Inn 
Sudbury, MA  
Nov 11th, 12th 10am-4pm Fort Mifflin Siege  
Experience the Siege 
6400 Hog Island Road,  
Philadelphia, PA 19153  
Siege Weekend
Friday Dec 8th, 7:00 pm Sea Chanties  Mud Puddle Toys 
Washington St.  
Sat Dec 8th, 2:45 pm Delaware Crossing Commemoration 
Commemorative Row 
State St. Landing 
Marblehead, MA  
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